Tuesday, May 12, 2009

University of Illinois Global Campus

The University of Illinois established the Global Campus in 2007 to offer online degree and certificate programs on a very large scale. The first online classes were offered in January 2008:

Global Campus debut is a dud - Not even 15 enroll in U. of I. project for cyber classes

By the spring of 2009, pressure was being brought on the University to restructure the Global Campus:

Faculty favor restructuring Global Campus (2 May 2009)

Online university founders: University of Illinois’ Global Campus face uncertain future (5 Apr 09)

U. of Illinois Professors Push Alternative Online-Learning Venture (1 Apr 09)

U. of I. sees online campus dream fade (19 May 09)

U. of Illinois Weighs More Humble Version of 'Global Campus' (19 May 09)

U of I expected to reign in Global Campus (21 May 09)

Yesterday, the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois voted to disband the Global Campus and to begin a new online initiative on each campus:

U of I board votes to end online 'campus' (21 May 09)

U. of Illinois Gives Global Campus the (Re)boot (21 May 09)

Global Campus employees got bonuses despite program's struggles
(22 May 09)

And many more articles from Google News (22 May 09)

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